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    Happy Dog Junior Lamb & Rice Loop 1KG
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    Happy Dog Junior Lamb & Rice Loop 1KG

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    Brand: Happy Dog
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    From 7 months onwards, the puppy food should have a moderate energy and protein content to avoid too-rapid growth. Happy Dog Junior Lamb & Rice puppy food has the ideal energy and protein content for young dogs. The tasty, poultry-free recipe containing lamb, highly digestible rice and nutritious New Zealand mussels is even suitable for sensitive young dogs. The unique heart-shaped loop makes the biscuits particularly easy to digest. The Happy Dog Natural Life Concept supplies dogs with all the ingredients that will benefit their bodies holistically.

    Once they reach 12 - 18 months, depending on the breed and weight, they should be gradually changed over to a Happy Dog Adult product. We recommend our lamb and rice product “Neuseeland” (New Zealand).

    Made in Germany under rigorous quality control.


    Lamb protein* (20%), rice our (18%), maize, maize our, meat meal, beef fat, sun flower oil, beet pulp* (desugared), hydrolysed liver, apple pomace* (0.7%), rapeseed oil, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, yeast*, seaweed, linseed (0.16%), mussel meat* (0.04%), yucca schidigera*, yeast (extract), milk thistle, artichoke, dandelion, ginger, birch leaves, stinging nettle, camomile, coriander, rosemary, sage, liquorice root, thyme (total dried herbs: 0.15%); *) dried 

    Feed amount

    Analytical components:

    Crude protein 26.0%, crude fat 13.0%, crude bre 2.5%, crude ash 8.5%, calcium 1.50%, phosphorus 1.10%, sodium 0.45%, potassium 0.55%, magnesium 0.08%, omega-6 fatty acids 3.1%, omega-3 fatty acids 0.3%


    Vitamins / kg:
Vitamin A (3a672a) 12000 IU, vitamin D3 (E671) 1200 IU, vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate 3a700) 75 mg, vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate 3a821) 4 mg, vitamin B2 (ribo avin) 6 mg, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride 3a831) 4 mg, D (+) biotin (3a880) 575 mcg, calcium D panthothenate (3a841) 10 mg, niacin (3a314) 40 mg, vitamin B12 70 mcg, choline chloride (3a890) 60 mg
Antioxidant, tocopherol-rich extracts from plant oils 1b306(i).

    Trace elements / kg:

    Iron (E1, iron (II) sulphate monohydrate) 105 mg, copper (E4, copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate) 10 mg, zinc (zinc oxide 3b603 100 mg, zinc chelate of amino acids, hydrate 3b606
25 mg) 125 mg, manganese (E5, manganese (II) oxide) 25 mg, iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous 3b202) 2 mg, selenium (E8, sodium selenite) 0.15 mg.